Review- Freederm Spot Treatment

Last week sometime I spent some time with friends which meant food, food and guess what? FOOD. Now for me (as I eat quite healthily) when I eat greasy, junk food my body tends to react by breaking me out.

Firstly, sleepover traditions like chocolate and popcorn contains a lot of fat and oil. As our bodies aren’t used to such a high oil and fat intake over such a short amount of time, the digestive system needs extra help to process it all and quick. So, that’s when oil is released into the epidermis’ (layer of skin) oil glands. As we all know, oil build up usually equals to spots.

So my answer to this very dilemma was Freederm’s Fast Track Spot Gel!

£6.39- Boots

I’m not a spot prone person but, from time to time the occasional one pops up (unfortunately). When I begin to see a small bump I step up all my defences beginning with my water intake and then my skin routine. If you drink loads of water then the toxins get washed away naturally but time wasn’t exactly in my hands so I sped up the process by using this product. It works but reduces the redness and then the size. It does kind of dry the spot, which is why it works so fast. I do recommend if you use this product you need to use moisturiser in addition to it. I wouldn’t say the spot would be completely gone after 3 hours but it would have shrunk and lost most of its redness. It’s a bargain as you only need the tinsiest bit, not even near pea-size. I really love it and I hope this helps you in the future.

What are your tips for getting rid of spots?


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