Review- Bumble & Bumble Salt Spray

Who doesn’t love a lazy day?

Lazy days are the way forward! So strip your face of makeup, get into some PJ’s and put on some Bridget Jones. Of course, you still want to look nice when you have to go out but do we really have the effort? No. Instead of hair like a London hobo who’s been drag through a few bushes, how about Aussie beach babe? That’s more like it. This product that I’m going to be reviewing has had more than a few online raves already but I’m going to be sharing my views on Bumble and Bumble Salt Spray.

50ml bottle- Selfridges £8.50

I normally use this with wavy or curly hair which then gives it that extra little omph! It’s not the cheapest salt spray on the market but it is the only one which I would doesn’t leave your hair with a heavy residue. If you do end up purchasing this product, I would suggest you buy the smaller size to give it a test. You don’t need a lot of product to style your hair. Overall I think its a very nice product but it may be a tad over priced for how much product you actually get!

The summer of 2012. This was the summer where you went on holiday, got a tan, walked out of the ocean with effortless beachy waves. It was also the summer in which Bumble and Bumble released a product with that very summer in a bottle (minus the tan and holiday unfortunately). It basically gives you the sea-salt texture making your hair look ‘windswept’ and beautiful! Even though it was release over 2 years ago I still think it is such a timeless product!

What are your fave DVDs to watch on lazy days? Mine are definitely Disney classics!


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