Something about New Year and so a ‘new me’…

The running mantra of “New Year, New Me” that fills my Twitter feed every January seems to have disappeared this year and I think we are starting to catch onto something here…

By the end of January people’s resolutions seem to also stop, and the mantra now becomes: I must eat everything in sight and return to my negative self and stay at home all day and see how many packets of Doritos I can eat in one sitting of American Horror Story. This year something has become quite clear to me, New Year’s is a chance for a new start but why can’t that new start come with each. New. Day?

The reason why I fail at keeping my resolutions (I think) is because I put so much pressure on myself to stick with them because apparently a new start can only happen annually. So once I mess up, I think there is no chance to start anew… This may just be me in my prime pessimistic state but I can’t help it and I reckon a few other people feel the same way.

So my ‘resolution’ for this year (Even though very late) is to realise that I get a new start everyday, in this I’m not only allowing myself more chances for change (365 chances to be exact) but I am also enabling myself to move on from the past daily and start living in the present.


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