Working at Topshop

Ever wondered what its like to work at Topshop here’s a little insight below…

1. Our discount is great but it does mean all the money we work so hard goes back to where it came from.


2. What’s even better is that we can use our discount on sale items *picks up half price top for £15, gets it for £11* 

giphy (1).gif

3. People underestimate the strength it takes to carry about 50 items of clothing in one hand.

giphy (2).gif

4. We don’t appreciate a customer’s need to wipe all of their lovely orange foundation on white tops. 

giphy (4).gif

5. We also don’t appreciate unexpected gifts from customers left in the fitting rooms. I’m paid to clean up clothes not wee thank you very much. YES. WEE. 

giphy (5).gif

6. Creating finger sized spaces between each item is a very tedious so please move carefully.

giphy (6).gif

7.  Not having to wear uniform is one of the best things about the job… It makes us easier to merge into the crowd and run away from scary customers.

giphy (7).gif
8.  Say bye, bye to at least one of these: boxing day, new years eve or new years day.

giphy (8).gif

9. We love when boy/girlfriends sit outside the changing rooms to help their other half decide what to get #goalsongoals

giphy (9).gif

10. We LOVE when you put the clothes back on the hangers (even if it’s the wrong one) because the Lord knows we don’t have enough arms to combat a pile of clothes, hangers, and number tags being thrown at us. 

giphy (10).gif

11. Please don’t ask us if there’s more of a size when you’re shopping in sale because in there it’s every man for himself and the majority of items are on the floor.

giphy (12).gif

12. We love that people get a little impressed when we tell them where we work.

giphy (13).gif

13. But by the end of the day it is just another retail job…

giphy (14).gif
14. And the only reason I’m still working there is for the people… and maybe the discount. 

giphy (16).gif



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