What to bring to a festival? || The Essentials

Now I know this years festival season is nearing a close and that this was bad blog prep from me. But since coming back from my final big festival I thought now would be the best time to share my festival must haves. This is mainly aimed towards festivals abroad but I did use many of these items when I went to Secret Garden Party in the UK.

  • Cheap pop up tent

I’ll tell you right now the chances of your tent coming back home with you is very slim mainly because by the end of the festival you will be shattered and just the thought of taking it down, let alone carrying it all the way home will cause you to dump it. I suggest getting a cheap pop up one from argos so it’s easy to put up and you don’t have to worry about losing much money when you leave it.

  • Pillow

I forgot one when I went to FIB in Spain for a week and the back pain I felt by the end of it was awful. Also just bring a proper pillow or cushion the blow up ones are terrible.

  • Lilo or an inflatable bed if you’re feeling fancy

I brought a yoga mat with me which did me fine, but on the third day I caved and bought an inflatable lilo to sleep on and it genuinely was the best purchase I’ve made in I’d say about a year.

  • Double sheet or sleeping bag (depending on climate)

I brought a double sheet with me to Spain (much easier to carry) and a sleeping bag to Secret Garden Party because of the climate. However, I kind of wished I had brought a sleeping bag to FIB because it did get REALLY cold one night.

  • Luggage lock

Some people may think this one is a bit ridiculous but you should definitely think about locking up your tent when you’re not in it. At FIB we had someone come into our tent thinking no one was in it clearly looking to take stuff. The next day we met some people camping near us who’s phones had been stolen as well as other random things.

  • Baby wipes

The easiest way to stay fresh and gets glitter off you like a dream. You can get a pack from poundlound so stock up.

  • Ear plugs

Understandably you yourself will be up to the early hours of the morning but when its time for you to get to sleep, someone else will be having the times of their lives. I was woken up every morning to the sound of a group of lads playing a drum and attempting tribal song writing.

  • Head torch

Electricity around the campsite will be scarce so either be prepared to drain all of your phone battery trying to hurdle over tent lines or just look like a miner for a hot sec.

  • Portable charger (A good one)

Now you might not know this but at festivals you have to pay to charge your phone (unless your glamping). They charge £3 per charge and sometimes that doesn’t even get you to 100%, ridiculous I know. So what I did was bought a hefty portable charger of amazon for £24. It holds up to 8 full charges and has 2 USB ports!! Find it here: http://amzn.to/2bnVKVW

  • Eye mask

For the most part you will be sleeping during the day so this will make you feel less like you’ve messed up in life.

  • Sun cream

Sorry to sound like your mum but just do it. It’s not fun sleeping in a tent let alone with a sunburnt back sticking to the plastic walls.

  • Paracetamol

For your hangovers and strange illnesses you will contract from being malnourished. A burger with salad inside does not count as a balanced meal.

  • Insect repellent


  • Bottle lids (Trust me)

So at FIB it was very very hot. So they let you bring in bottles of water (don’t try and disguise alcohol in it, I got caught lol) but they take the lids off you which is so annoying because when you’re in the crowds the water just goes all over you. Get around this problem by smuggling in a lid or two.


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