The Best Eyebrow Product Ever!! || Review- Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer

Ever since filing in eyebrows became a thing for me I’ve always used the Sleek Brow Kit which has been working for me for years and years. I was happy with the product and most definitely happy with the price, I mean for £6 on a brow duo you can’t really go wrong…

I ‘ve always been tempted by the ABH Brow Pomade but never quite made the plunge because of the price and the uncertainty of what shade I would be as she currently is only available online for us British folk. Any how, 3 weeks ago my close friend came to visit and when she whipped out the Brow Wiz pencil I immediately begged her if I could try it, as we have pretty much the exact same colouring. For a person who is used to using a powder formula this was surprisingly easy to use! I was so shocked to see a eyebrow pencil go on with the smoothness comparable to a cream and last like a gel.



As soon as I go home that day I logged straight onto Cult Beauty and bought myself my first Anastasia Beverly Hills product! Even though I tested brow wiz, I opted for the Brow Definer because I knew I would prefer the angled pencil and for all I know the actual formula is the same. It came within 2 days of ordering (Great service from Cult Beauty) and  I’ve been wearing it ever since. I love how the brow definer gives you the option of three types of lines (see image below) and well the spoolie at the end is the perfect size in terms of both length and thickness.


How I use it:

  1. I start of by brushing out my eyebrows using the spoolie provided.DSC_0040
  2. Then I use the tip of the pencil to outline my eyebrow’s natural shape.DSC_0044
  3. I fill in my brow using the flat part of the pencil brushing against the hairs.
  4. Again using the spoolie I brush my eye brows out!DSC_0048



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