What I learnt as a first year- tips and tricks

Things you learnt:

  • The first day isn’t so scary

Even though you know everyone is in the same boat as you and you know it will all be fine in the end you will still feel crazy nerves. I mean, I spent 3 hours throwing up in my room after my mum dropped me off because I was so nervous. So trust me I know. But honestly, the one thing that calmed my nerves was actually meeting people and doing things.

  • Catching feelings for a flatmate isn’t as bad as they say

When I left for uni the running mantra of DON’T SLEEP WITH YOUR FLATMATE’S became the usually goodbye I would get from friends (not that I’m that girl but you know). However, despite this I did end up dating my flatmate and was in a relationship for a while with them. Even though it’s come to an end now it was great while it lasted.

  • Cheese is life

Once you step on uni ground big block of Cathedral City cheese now qualifies as a food group. Make sure to have some cheese in every meal as it will make any meal somewhat edible. Plain pasta or bread now becomes a sad excuse for a carbonara or a cheese toasty.

  • It doesn’t matter which side of the foil touches the food

A debate I never saw myself having until attempting to roast a chicken with a flatmate. After solid 20 minute debate we took to Google which said the shiny side should be on the inside in order “prevent heat from reflecting away from the food”. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know. What I will say is that it definitely does not make a difference.

  • The bin bag/ toilet paper/ cling film  fairy doesn’t exist

I know, it’s hard to accept but not only do you have to buy these things which seem to magically appear in your cupboards at home, they will also set you back a good couple of quid. This means one less tequila shot at your next night out.

  • The freezer is your new life source

The only way you’re going to get any sort of vegetables into your diet will be through the freezer because lets be real who can really consume a whole broccoli before it goes off. You will also be overly reliant on frozen pizza’s and pies.

  • A student bank account is a must

Firstly, they’re great because all of them try to bribe you in with a freebie such as an amazon voucher or rail card. Secondly, it’ll have your back when you’ve rinsed your student loan and don’t want to tell your parents because the interest free overdrafts are the bomb.

  • Get a part time job

You have so much spare time at uni so this is a great way not only to make money but to also make some new friends in the new city that you’re living in!

  • First year REALLY does not count

This is so true with a few conditions. As long as you don’t want to go on a year abroad or placement then you’re fine. For my uni you had to get 40% in each module minimum to be accepted into second year. Apart from that, ENJOY.

  • Go to Freshers fair

If you go to this then you’re pretty much sorted stationary wise, I’m talking pens, rulers, pencils, rubbers, I even managed to pick up a calculator. It’s basically christmas.

Things you forgot:

  • Pillows.

Somehow among all of the chaos you managed to forget pillows. You remembered to bring all 50 “essential” makeup  brushes but you forget a pillow so you end up stuffing a pillow case with jumpers which will have to do for the night.

  • Mattress topper

You pre-uni self will think this is an unnecessary items but believe me the only decent sleep you’ll get sleeping on the plain uni halls mattress will be when you have passed out on out as drunk as a sailor. An extra inch of foamy goodness is all you need to avoid being that moody housemate.

  • Bath mat

Trust me, it’s horrible to stepping into your ensuit wearing socks about an hour after you’ve showered to find that you now have soggy socks because you failed to even put down a spare towel to soak up the water that apparently poured out of you post-shower.



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