Autumn Uni Wardrobe Essentials

When it comes to fashion Summer is definitely my safe season. I love playsuits and dresses, purely because you just need the one item and your outfit is sorted. Now that Autumn is coming I can’t really get away with this as much. So below are a few items which I think are going to be absolute staples in my Autumn wardrobe, more specifically for when I’m at uni.


The Shirt Dress


What I adore about shirt dresses, is that they’re smart but also very casual. I think the buttons down the front dress it down while the flowy fabric and collar give the more formal look. Perfect for uni! Say you’re going for lunch with some friends and then have to run for a meeting with a professor- outfit sorted.

The Leather Skirt


I love a good black body con skirt because you can chuck it on, be comfortable and get on with your day. For Autumn though, I thought I would invest in a little leather (almost body con) skirt. A contrast in textures is a must when layering and in England layering is ESSENTIAL.

The Cigarette Trousers


Every single clothes store right now has a massive selection of trousers mainly tapered, wide leg and cigarette shapes but the last is definitely my favourite. I do love a good wide leg trouser but when nearing the colder months a draught up my leg is something I want to avoid at all costs. Cigarette trousers combat this issue completely and you can achieve that sought after casual yet tailored look by throwing on some trainers.

The Cable Knit Jumper


As I mentioned before LAYERS. I love this particular jumper because of lightweight material. It not only means that I can chuck it in my bag just in case the day takes a cold turn but also I won’t be sweating on the tube home.

The Loafers


Over the past couple of months, I’ve been trying to smarten up my wardrobe and a pair of loafers did the trick beautifully. Even when paired with a plain white T and some crisp blue jeans the look is transformed from I have no clean clothes to wear to a totally planned out look.

I’d love to hear what some of your favourite places to shop for Autumn are! Let me know? I love the COS Autumn collection but my purse just won’t allow 😦


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