How to get over a break up…

Jesus. I have wanted to write this post but I wanted it to come from a me that was completely over him. This list has been tried, tested and modified by at least 5 of my close friends now and I feel as though its time to share these secrets with the world.

1) Instead of listening to music listen to like funny podcasts or audio books as when listening to music you often get tempted to listen to sad breakup music or you listen to songs which remind you of him

2) Download some fun games on your phone and as soon as you start having a horrible thought about yourself or thinking about him play it and distract yourself

3) Get up and get dressed nicely n put makeup on everyday even if you’re not doing anything special

4) (This is a hard one) delete every single picture you have of him on your phone and laptop/ in your room etc and unfollow him/Un friend him on all social media

5) Exercise!! This sounds weird but it literally makes you feel so so much better – I feel like during breakups a lot of people abuse their body by eating too little, eating too much or heavy drinking. Exercise kind of reminds you that you should take this time to work on you.

6) Try and avoid rom coms (they can make you feel unbelievably shit about yourself and like you’ll never find anyone else when you will)

7) Sounds obvious but at least for a couple of weeks avoid heavy drinking because you will inevitably just end up calling him or doing something stupid

8) As a general rule try to be alone as little as possible – go visit old friends, make some new ones or just sit in a damn cafe just don’t be alone.

I really hope that not many people are reading this because, honestly, break ups are shit. I know. I know it’s hard to see now but you are not alone and you will find someone else! Just think logically you are not going to be this individual case who only meets one person they feel like could be their other half. THINK ABOUT IT. Sorry you’re not the special the universe will not exclude you, you will have multiple loves. Another post will be coming soon on the how to move on, because getting over the break up is a completely different ball game to getting over the ex.



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