Im Back… Again.

To anyone who reads or has read my blog. I feel like you will sense a theme of me leaving and returning to this space regularly. I went through a really strange Summer, it went from the best Summer of my life (going to a music festival with my bestest friends, passing my driving test FINALLY and meeting my now ex boyfriend’s grandparents in Spain) to maybe the worst moment of my life in terms of self love and growth.

When my ex broke up with me it broke me. It felt like I was this ceramic trinket which he adored for 6 months, got bored, dropped me and when I broke he took many parts with him. Sorry to be so deep for a Saturday morning but I feel like I’m at a great place right now, where I can look back and see how much I have grown. This was primarily why I started blogging so regularly towards the end of Summer, I really needed a distraction away from crying ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

So yes, I have used and abused the Realms of Beauty but I have no regrets. It is my safe haven. Here when I need it. I’ve realised this “realm” is my home and if I only come back when times are tough then so be it. Sorry if anyone was wondering where I was but I have some interesting thoughts at the moment so lets see what happens.


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