Why is dating SO hard? / Dating tips?/ STORYTIME

So I’ve just finished watching the last episode of Celebs Go Dating and wow what a journey they took us all on… The show could not have come at a better time for me, because I have recently been on a few cheeky dates!

Since my breakup I have been on a total of 4 dates with two people… I feel like in this day and age dating is so unheard of because people prefer the sleep with and then get together approach (which is what happened with me and my ex so no judgement there).

So my first date I actually met at a club and for the first time ever in my life I asked for a guy’s number.LESSON HERE: men don’t have to do all of the work, if you want something go get it. #GIRLPOWER. He was the nicest person BUT just no spark. He would ring me every evening and walk me home BUT he would then gloat about waking up at 4pm and be proud of not doing anything all day. I did not realise how unattractive unmotivated people are until that moment. He also made me meet his friends after both of our dates?! Very intense, he definitely had the ‘I WANT A GIRLFRIEND/WIFE’ vibe. It was just so hard because for the whole time since I’ve been single all I’ve said is “I want a nice guy” and BAM the universe gave me what I wanted and i rejected it. What’s even worse is that I tried to like him, I felt so bad for rejecting what I had asked for that I thought it was me?! However, there was no spark, and there are other nice guy’s out there, he’s just not the nice guy for me.

Moving onto date numero dos… So he’s from work (yes I know, don’t shit where you eat but hey I’ve done it once why not again) and we got along at the christmas party had a lil kiss and had been talking for 3 MONTHS before he asked me out on a formal date. 3 MONTHS. Anyway first date- 10/10. 2nd date- 9/10 UNTIL HE MADE ME GO TO HIS FRIEND’S BDAY DRINKS?! I mean pfft I know I’m the type of girl you’d want to bring home to your parents (lol)  but really on the 2nd date?! We barely know EACHOTHER!! He then went onto ignoring my text for 2 days and then replied like nothing had happened. WOW.

I just don’t get guys. I don’t get what they want. Like the guy from work must be interested in be because he would have stuck around for so long if he wasn’t right? I don’t know… However, at this point from both of these experiences I have gained confidence in a weird way. I’m no longer scared to put myself out on that chopping board to be seasoned or chopped into two.

I feel like from ALL of the 4 dates I’ve been on (yes I know, dating is not my thing) I have learnt one thing: BE YOURSELF. Yes, it’s lovely being desirable but there is no point acting like a different person on a date if you truly want something out of it. THINK ABOUT IT. Its like being a catfish but on a whole new level.


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