Things I learnt at 20

Life is good

During my early teens I went through a very long phase of something which may have been anxiety- I would dread Friday’s because that meant it was almost the weekend, which meant that Sunday was approaching and therefore a new school week. I HAD A GREAT LIFE THEN AND I STILL DO NOW. So Lord knows why I felt this way. However with this phase long gone I can say that my baseline state is happy and life is mostly good.

Mum is always right

Any normal mother/ daughter relationship is filled with arguments and topped with amazing memories. She was right about bringing that umbrella, she was right about your friends and she was right about not worrying. My mum’s my best friend and I love her for being my right hand man.

You probably will never understand men

After 1 serious boyfriend and much experience in helping friends with their boy problems I have come to realise that women are very much from Venus and men are most definitely from Mars. There’s no point in stressing about how to “figure them out” because sorry you simply won’t.

You have a great group of friends

I can’t even explain how amazing they are. They drive almost 2 hours to see me when I feel shit and make me smile every minute I’m with them. Thank you universe for giving me my “sisters”.


Life is short and what you’re worrying about now will probably not matter tomorrow. RELAX AND ENJOY THE RIDE.

It’s okay to be okay with being alone

Don’t miss out on things because no one else can come with you. It’s actually quite nice to be alone every now and then. Being okay with this will bring you SO much happiness.

Cooking is not as hard as it seems

I used to burn EVERYTHING. Now I can cook a bloody 3 course meal no problem. Come dine with me? Hell yeah.

You are a LOT stronger than you think you are

You’ve nailed moving out. You’ve nailed living with your ex. You’ve nailed dealing with a lot of death. You’ve just nailed it and that’s what life is about.

Being grateful is what makes life great

Think about it… Life can’t be bad if you find joy in all of the little things because they’re everywhere!! Be thankful for your health which you take for granted and the coffee which gets you through the day, be thankful for everything.

You can only be you 

You get so many chances in this life but the one thing you cannot change is YOU. If people don’t like you then what ever, they’re not your kind of people. Why do you want to spend time with people who aren’t on your level?


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