Manchester Bombings- An Attack on the Teenage Girl

I frequently go to Manchester to visit friends, to have a good time and to be care free. The attack that took place hit me harder than I thought but this is not about my feelings towards what a sick individual has done but what the sick individual has done to us. The Teenage Girl.

So I lie, I’m no longer a teenage girl but how I long to have the title again. I wish I was a teenage girl. All of my happiest times were between the ages of 13-17, but so were some of my toughest. Teen girls have so much to handle from their bodies changing dramatically, hormones testing friendships and their own mental strength and the demands that society puts on them.

Teen girls will laugh the loudest, cry the hardest and love the most. This is why this attack is so significant. They took the girls when they were meant to be most happiest and free, the terrorist saw the vulnerability that joy brings and targeted them. Some of these girls had waited a lifetime to see their idol and I guarantee they were ALL having the time of their life before it happened.

Teenage girls have so much power. They have the ability  to build a singer’s career overnight. One direction, for example became an overnight sensation because of these girls. They have the ability to make companies like L’Oreal last for years. They are the future and this is why they were targeted.

My heart goes out to all of the families who has lost someone from this attack and I wish there were more positives to take out of this situation but I think all we can do is learn from the Teenage Girl. Learn to be the loudest and speak up for what we believe in. Learn to laugh the hardest in the face of terror. Learn to be the future that they so very much deserved but will now never see. Let’s do this for them.


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