Must See Documentaries

As we know I’m all about bettering myself. This begins with knowledge which is where I found my love for documentaries. All of the ones below are just 10 of my recent favourites and there’s definitely something for everyone. Best thing is all of these are on Netflix (apart from Earthlings, which I have a link for) so they’re very easy to access!

  • Earthlings

    Everyone and their dog has heard about this documentary. Focused on speciesism and the cruelty of animals it will make you question why you’re eating meat on the regular. It definitely shows the worst of the meat industry but I still think it’s effective in providing knowledge on where your food actually comes from.

  • Imposter

    So I don’t want to spoil the whole story of this, but a young boy goes missing and returns years later. However, it’s not really him. The plot does thicken believe it or not SO WATCH IT!

  • Unrest

    This one was recommended to me by a friend who has ME. Filmed first hand by someone with ME, she highlights what it means to live with this illness and how debilitating it can be a times. It shocked me as to how common this illness was and how little research had been done into it. It was also very interesting to see how this illness was diagnosed throughout the years.

  • My Beautiful Broken Brain

    A bittersweet account of a young woman who suffered from a stroke and ended up having to learn how to talk all over again. Her strength and positivity through the toughest of times is what I enjoyed the most about this documentary.

  • Banking on Bitcoin

    If like me you’re a bit confused about the whole Bitcoin thing then watch this. Amazing explanations of how cryptocurrency is more than just “money” but a political movement.

  • Expedition Happiness

    Two modern-day Nomads share their experience living in a home inside an old school bus. They share the highs and the lows of travelling around America without a “proper” home and are accompanied by their trusty four legged friend.

  • What the Health

    If you want to start living a healthier lifestyle then watch this. It will really make you question where you are getting your information from in regards to healthy eating. Promotes plant based eating without being too preachy.

  • Rotten

    A series that looks at a different food each episode and tells you some of the dramas it’s caused through out the years eg. The Californian Honey Heist. If you like knowing random facts, this is a gold mine.

  • Amanda Knox

    Crime documentary about a murder which still confuses the Italian government till this day. Very interesting and gave me chills.

  • Babies Behind Bars

    A prison in America allows pregnant inmates to keep their babies in prison if they show good behaviour. Found myself having internal debates on whether is wrong to keep a baby in prison or to take a baby away from a mother?


I’d love to hear about what you think about these documentaries! Let’s get discussing below. Happy watching everyone ❤


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